Bicycle ride, Bug Buddha, Breakfast and Otters

It was a start after all the homework had been done - bicycles were checked and then we were off - see the map at the bottom of the post to see where we went.

It was certainly not the easiest bicycle journey it certainly was up and down a lot on our journey.

The Khao Kad Viewpoint was a great spot for photography...

It was so much effort for the family that we stopped on the journey more than once - up the hills was a common spot to stop. 

The beach was were the hammocks were tested

 but The Ship Inn was the most popular and the Cocoa Cola was cold.

The 'pit-stop' was followed but an 'escape' into the air-conditioning of Cafe Kantary adjacent to Kantary Bay Hotel and this is where we had our breakfast.

Then a chocolate milkshake.

Back onto our bicycles and we could not see the sea turtles for a reason but we got back onto our bicycles and cycled off to see the Otters.

The Otters were there and having a wonderful time.

The pier at the end of the road seems to be progressing nicely.

I hope that the man and his home will be there in 6 months...

Then we stopped at a small coffee shop on the way home and they had a wonderful lawn.