Dugong dies in Phuket

The visit to the Phuket Aquarium to visit the Puffer Fish we tried to rescue had a lot more to see this time. The staff were pleased to see me but told me that the vet had been unable to rescue the Puffer Fish...

Never mind we went down to the Turtle Breeding Centre at the back - and we got a real shock!!

What on earth were they cutting into smaller pieces?

Was it a big turtle?

Was it a dolphin?

Was it a shark - Yes!

We were wrong - it was a Dugong. 

The Dugong had been either washed up from Koh Yai Yo - with it's head cut for it's teeth? Well we were not sure as we did not get that close! Here's a report form the Phuket Gazette

OR was it the Dugong which had died from hitting a boat's propellor? Here's a report from the Phuket News.