The snake and the Thai Lottery.

Well this was a shock to my friend. We were attending a Fair in Sapan Hin and we were attracted to a group of people surrounding something.

As we drew closer some people were leaving clutching a small silver cylinder, intriguing was my first though, but the crowd opened up and we were admitted.

As we got closer my friend got more excited and she searched for a one hundred baht note – we were at a Snake Show. Very different from the ones that I had experienced in Bangkok- however.

At one time the snake handler spat water over and over on the snake and I was told that this action would mean that the handler would have strength over the snake.

After this a small boy was chosen from the audience to pick a small silver tube – after this the silver tubes were offered to the audience for a contribution. Many of the onlookers bought one and supposedly they would help you to win the Thai Lottery.

My friend did not win… 
but then she told me what it meant by having a snake in your dreams…

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