Phuket Happenings - October 2013

Wow - what a month!

We spent two weeks in Australia followed by The Phuket Vegetarian Festival (followed by Pneumonia on the lung) and then a weekend in Bangkok!

Then there was the Boare Fair and Halloween...

The end of the month has come upon me rather quickly so my synopsis is a little short.

The Russian who damaged a statue of the Revered Historical Abbot - Luang Por Kongdet.
Why did he do this?

The Fire at Supercheap - no casualties
- what effect will this have on the people that survive on the reselling of produce from here
- will there be a sudden increase in prices?

The Boob Job is big money 
- is this what they meant by Medical Tourism?
- a cheap excuse to post this image?

Tourists cannot find the bus to Patong
- and nobody is helping ABBA Forever comes to Phuket 
- no thank you
- on the chat a comment is made that it is not clear that this is not the original line up
- the reply "how old do you think they would be?"
Ha Ha

Russian Dive Instructor dies during a swim off Racha Noi

Lee Aldhouse is awaiting sentencing (murder in Phuket)
- watch this space

Building a road to Freedom Beach 
- a good idea but people are sceptical that the people want to build it so that their land adjacent to the road will gain in value.
- the same as the Metro in Bangkok - 'follow the leader'.

Phuket Ladyboys rob a Tourist 
and if they are not Ladyboys would this be commented on?

Phuket Illegal Van drivers are granted temporary amnesty 
- they are not taxi drivers or coach drivers?

Phuket Jet Ski Thug is swiftly fined 
- but the complaints are many
- don't hire a Jet Ski
and this is Thailand...

Bangkok think of legalization of Krathom 
- to bolster tourism in the low season?

Whether you understand / support is personal
BUT I want a T.Shirt!

Picture from Richard Barrow's tweet
StyleBung is the agreed change - apparently...

Son of Patong Mayor is under investigation for Land Encroachment  
- watch this space !

but they will cooperate

Thai woman forces kitten to smoke weed 
why? I am confused
then the vest?
I am lost...

Hong Kong and China Resident killed in another motorbike accident
Visa Run crash and fatality...

View Accident black spots. in a larger map