Borae Fun Fair and Market

I suppose that technically this is on the outskirt of Boare and closer to Phuket Town but it was close.

We arrived as they were setting up and Jemma immediately played on the Bouncy Castle, Rollers in the Water and the Trampoline.

I went to listen to the band who chose Eric Clapton to tune up on - not sure about which lyrics because they started singing a Pink Floyd Song - but nothing matters when your daughter has a smile soooo wide!

After this we went to play with the traditional Fair games - throwing balls, throwing darts.

Then there were the Thai Market Shops with so many things to buy - I was happy that Jemma was more hungry so we went to the food stalls instead.

I do wonder about the items above though?

Then we went to the food - Bubble Tea and Fried Chicken with Sticky Rice.