Traditional Thai puppets and rain do not mix

This outing was certainly one that was something that I had not anticipated until two days before the actual event!

Driving to work one morning I spotted a sign with some Traditional Shadow Puppets on it. Taking a snapshot of it I took it to work where they told me all about this puppeteer.

He has a disability and is blind in one eye but performs the Traditional Puppet Shows – Nong Deow – I have never seen him and I had not seen a Traditional Puppet Show in Phuket for 3 years.

Excitedly I prepared myself but the rain was… but we made a decision – GO!

We went to a field East of Phuket - สนามมาสดา - to watch it and it was a mud bath – the rain was still coming but it did seem to slow down occasionally.

We stayed for approximately an hour and a half but we needed to go home – it was fun but it would have been better if it had not rained.

This was in the morning at work so maybe I should have thought a little more?

But this is what we did not see...