Angry Birds, Breakfast, Coffee, shopping, lunch and dinner

The day started with us taking Jemma to school and all I wanted to see was an Angry Birds coach – We did.

After this was a stop in Phuket Town for some breakfast – we chose to visit Kaewjai for a taste of the local flavour. Kaewjai is on the outskirts of Phuket Old Town on Phang-Nga Road. On entering they are friendly and their menu is quite extensive for Thai dishes – Chuen chose the Congee for breakfast.

What did I have? Well I have to admit that I am not sure but it was a delicious little morsal of something. They are delicious and are served with a raw chilli which I did eat with it – fabulous but hot! Review will be here.

After this I wanted a cappuccino so we wandered to Café 154 at Royal Phuket City and we will never go there again – the coffees were terrible and the cake was certainly not fresh - a review will be here.

I logged into foursquare whilst I was there and there was a complaint that they charged for the Wi-Fi! This MUST change.

So we visited Coffee Circle for an immaculate Cappuccino.

After this we visited a wood shop to buy wood to make Jemma’s Doll House have a garden….

Then it was time for lunch – we went to a new restaurant - สมตำบนเทง – one which was next to a lake that was full of catfish – which were there because people had released them there to make merit!

As we chose our food we were given fish food to throw into the lake! Food was in a set menu and was cheap – certainly one for the more adventurous! Traditional and Spicy – see restaurant reviews here.

After this we chose to go out for dinner with friends and because of the weather we chose Chayo Seafood because it was near to us – very nice. I am happy that they had picture menus because I was there first. There will be a review but I have to say that the floating seating area does make a wonderful addition.