Southern Trade Fair - Sapan Hin

This was a surprise for me - I was told that there was a funfair and there was a little bit more. Sapan Hin is many things and today it was the start of the Southern Trade Fair with the Southern Organic Fair

The tents were erected in the usual place - the car-park adjacent to the musical fountain. Under the tent was a collection of mainly items that are produced in Southern Thailand. This included shadow puppets, cashew nut juice, batik clothing, musical instruments, shells (thought that this was stopped), coffee, bronze items and more.

Then in front of the tent there were more places with food for sale - the full roasted pig, more coffee, Thai fruits - Sala, animal entrails, Dim Sum with sausages, snails, 1,000 year eggs, sausages, sticky rice in bamboo, black jelly and more.

Then music started and the media appeared and focused on the guests of honour whilst the dancers waitedThe dancing started on a stage at the front and was enjoyed by everybody - I snuck away and had a coffee.

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