Phuket News April 2012

Google Street View comes to Phuket...

Patong Tunnel to be finished in under 5 years
watch this space...

Guarantee missed for laptops for all those children
watch this space...
was this an election promise?

photo from Phuket Gazette - used with permission

Phuket model is Miss Thailand 2012

Tourists loses her thumb in attempted robbery of her bag...

182 million bahts worth of pirated goods destroyed
I suppose that it does keep the prices artificially high?

A logging camp in Phang Nga is raided...
why in Phuket Gazette?

No comment for the tremblings....
KFC had an advert telling people fleeing to buy a pot of chicken on their way home!
KFC apologised

Doomsday Saturday did not arrive
but Disaster Insurance is gaining ground

photo from the Phuket Gazette
But this homeless guy needed some fruit - not sure about Health an Safety?
then I read about the woman who electrified her fence to protect her property and killed someone
(then the gossip that she was growing illegal product)

Mega-Projects in Phuket
and the discussions regarding the mangroves?

Were there casinos in the Tiger Bars?

Private taxi parking in Patong
farang dies over dispute
Kids banned from 'upperdecks'
and the drunk passengers?

After reading this I am not sure about 'doing the garden'.
NOTE: check your fertilizer.

Thai Government declares success in it's 'zero Songran deaths campaign'
BUT more people died this year?

All Taxi drivers should hold a license - May 1st
does this include Phuket?
what year?

NGO of Australian anti-sex-slvery resigns
a surprise?
how much do these NGOs earn?
did they have a retirement package?
Phuket Old Town is gradually gaining the respect that it deserves
pay a visit

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