Bubble Tea and Controversy

Well after all those comments regarding girls in school uniforms I should have expected things like this coming from the same group of children (children?).

But there is a point to all this?

Where is the best Bubble Tea in Phuket?

I have to admit that it was Keng-Tin and in such a wonderful location... but 

The winner now has to go to Mellow Yellow for a number of reasons

1) Keng-TIn have removed their seat at the front

2) Mellow Yellow have a Loyalty Card

3) Happy Friday (my day off) but one get one free :)

Back to Education and the article mentioned at the top

I can only say that will this make the students Independent thinkers? - "If you insist on Rote learning as the method in schools then you will get students who do not think." - but I don't think so...

Then I read 

"Welcoming Thailand to the mid-20th century. Only a half dozen more decades to catch up now."

Not much to add really - time for a Bubble Tea