Moon Festival in Phuket Town (18-21 Sep)

This is always something that is worth making a visit - there is a great deal of information about the Festival and I thank the TAT for giving me some details.

The actual celebration for the moon (fireworks are going off as I speak) is actually this evening - Thursday 19th September BUT there was the beginning of the Festival set up in Queen Sirikit Park.

This looks like it is going to be fun but I will not be able to make this one - the photographs are of the stalls which were set up on the Wednesday.

Information below was used in a Teaching Lesson

The Moon Festival is held in honour of the Quan Yin (the Goddess of Mercy) and the moon – which is why it is always celebrated at the Full Moon period.

It is a Festival of Harmony because it is a time where all the family members come back to the home and they will eat the Mooncakes together.

The Mooncake
Traditionally the Mooncake was a full rounded pastry – approximately 10 cm in diameter and 4/5 cm thick.
The filling was usually made of read bean, Chinese peanuts and spices and a lotus seed.
Many of the more expensive Mooncakes would be baked with a salted duck egg in the middle – giving it a beautiful pattern when it was cut.
Now you are able to purchase the Mooncake with a number of different fillings - Swensens ice cream also make one!

Ko Hor Mooncake Shop
Do you want to see them being made? Phuket Old Town (near Robinsons)
A wonderful place to visit.