Phuket Happenings - August 2013

The trip this month took us to Japan...
There are lots of photographs on facebook and I wrote a mobile blog as we travelled.

Well what was in store for us in Phuket this month?

This month was the Por Tor Festival. This is a Chinese Festival where our dead ancestors come to visit us on Earth an we prepare food for them - in the form of red turtles! Always worth a visit.

Do you travel with Insurance?
There is a recommendation that Tourists must have Travel Insurance when they visit Thailand.
Australians are the biggest burdens for claiming free hospital treatment.
The German Consul donate money to the Vachira Hospital.

DSI gives the Mafia in Phuket 15 days to clear out 
Did they?

A thief steals 100,000 Baht in cash from a Tour Guide for the Chinese 
So there is a lot of money! - not zero percent tourism?

Public Transport preferred more than underpass 
- a bit late?

Black Taxis (illegal) scoff at DSI investigation 
why? (sic)
DSI will crack down on Phuket Taxi Mafia 
looking forward to metered taxis all over the island

Phuket murder solved after murderer's wife uses dead man's phone 
did she know?
photo from Phuket Gazette and Thawit Bilabdullar
Chinese Tour Bus involved in accident 

Are you allergic to Cashew Nuts?
14 year old boy dies after one Cashew Nut 

Russian shot in drive-by shooting in Rawai 
Is this only the beginning?
Have a look at the comments - really quite scary
Is Phuket / Rawai the fall out from Pattaya - a place we will never go again.

Facebook captures a criminal  
- quite disturbing what the Internet can do
- but I guess that it was helpful here
NO WAIT - wait for the criminal to sue Facebook

Tunka Cafe is robbed at 7am

Phuket Land Probe begins with anonymity
but doesn't everyone know?
Then illegal resorts
i thought this was all known already - i am confused?

Dirty water in Patong...
did Thailand learn from Pattaya?
Brown water probe on Patong Beach...
Algae Bloom is the answer...
but isn't algae normally green?

Aldhouse pleads guilty to murder but he did not mean to...

Odd story of the month - 
A python snuggled in an old washing machine about to enjoy a dinner of house cat was interrupted when the cat’s owner walked by and caught him in the act....
but do you need someone to catch that snake?
call this man 
Pythons are then caught!
Is this 'Snake Season'?


Mass beach rescue - 5 pulled from the water and 1 died
think we need more red flags or Education?

BUT the worst reported story - 

- putting a rod with gum on the end!!!