Noodles, Por Tor Parade, Indy Market and coffee

The day began with a breakast and coffee at twenty one - a coffee shop selling us the new Nespresso Brand - something that I am not sure about... yet - there are a lot of types of coffee to try! 

There is a growing theme in these shops and it is that you are able to get 10% of your food bill if you 'Like' them on Facebook - an interesting idea....

After coffee it was time to relax - so I went to a Gluay Nam Wa Cafe & Restaurant (their facebook)- a recently opened coffee shop in Phuket Town BUT the hot coffee machine was not working????

Then it was home and digging a trench next to the side of the road for the recent rain / water to flow easily away from the front of our home - no stagnant pools of water for us!

Lunch at Mee Ton Poe (again) and had their Hokkien Noddles it was superb (again)!
There are now three Mee Ton Poe Outlets in Phuket - this is the first.

This was followed by an Earl Grey Tea at Coffee Circle (not a normal choice but I had had too much coffee today).

Jemma returned from school and we went to join the last day of the Por Tor Festival that I saw begin last week near the Por Tor Kong Chinese Shrine - a lesser known Chinese Shrine near Bang Neow. 

The roads were packed with pedestrians and there were stalls encroaching the traffic - great fun.

I turned down this road and I was faced with tables of turtles and covered stalls either side - a great atmosphere. I walked past the stalls to get to Por Tor Kong Shrine where there were even more turtles and offerings - wonderful.

I was then invited into the home of a family and I will email them their photographs.

We then 'met' the actual Parade and watched them walk past!

Last but by no means least was the Phuket Indy Market - I really was quite glad that there were no guinea pigs or hamsters for sale!

Home in time for a Dr Seuss Book and a movie with a few surprises Intacto!

A good day off.

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