Angry Birds, Rain, Organic Coffee, Rain, Films, Candy Crush, Monster University and Pizza

The day started with taking Jemma to school in the rain and the traffic around Central was a disaster. We did have a bit of fun trying to take photographs of the 'Angry Birds' car. After 'checkin in' on foursquare at the school we went to catch the bus to work - which was thankfully late!

As I waited for our Nanny Daeng to pick me up I needed to find a coffee shop to wait whilst in the rain - Organic coffee was one I found - next to a car showroom and a welder.

Had the best teaspoon in Phuket (instagram).

On arriving home it was time to turn on the movie - Man on the Ledge followed by Lincoln interspersed with a game of Candy Crush - I will not be watching either of those movies again but Candy Crush yes!

 Then off to pick up Jemma in the rain - and finding that they were selling the DK Star Wars sticker book which I had ordered on Amazon on sale! :(

Never mind Monsters University beckoned at Central Festival! This was a film which we both enjoyed and the 3D was not overwhwelming. One comment though is that the promotions were only written in Thai and I was unable to understand anything to ge a discount - maybe they were not meant for me!

Then it was time for a Pizza at the nearby Pizza company - very happy when Jemma told me - "not as good as your pizzas Daddy".

Jemma was asleep before we got home and I cannot remember what book I tried to read!

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