Amazon, Import Fees Deposit and Chat

Something new arrived in Phuket today - my box of LEGO characters, Star Wars books, Superworm, etc and a DVD - all from Amazon.

There was also the introduction of "Import Fees Deposit"...

This is an estimate but when the pieces arrived I find no details of the fees charged. I go onto Amazon Chat and have a 'chat'. I wanted to assess how much was charged - was it the estimate?

Well I was charged the estimate but not given confirmation that this was the actual price - living here in Thailand though I am used to paying money and...

But Amazon Chat saved the day - only just - after indicating that I would have to contact UPS for confirmation that this was the bill that was charged they relented and indicated that Amazon would send me confirmation of the price that UPS paid - not sure though?

I need to select my items more carefully as to a minimal cost 
I might just send it all to Australia as their "Import Fees Deposit" only kicks in at 100 GBP.

I am not ordering a small amount again! Now that is a great excuse!

This episode did remind me of the person who was left stranded in Phuket because of the weather and the Travel Agents knew very little BUT Jet Star had a great Chat Line!

Is Chat the future?

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