The meanings of the postures of the Buddha - Tuesday

This Buddha is from Wat Srisoonthorn
In every temple there a number of different Buddhist states and each one has a different meaning - this does not remain consistent when I read all the documentation BUT I have chosen this one from Willy.

The Tuesday Buddha image is lying on his right side, head resting on his arm, toes even.

While the Lord Buddha was staying at Savatthi , there was an arrogant evil named Asura Rahu. He was so gigantic and didn’t pay respect to the Lord Buddha. So the Lord Buddha made himself bigger than the evil, in reclining position as to lower the pride of Asura Rahu. Seeing so, the evil succumbed and agreed to accept the teaching of the Lord Buddha.

If you were born this day:
You are serious, brave and active most probably in the services.
Lucky day is Thursday and lucky color is yellow.
Unlucky day is Monday and unlucky color is white.

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