Phuket Happenings - July 2013

This was a busy month - we had Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Raceweek, Margaret and Thomas' Wedding, Kathu Festival and more...

Dengue Fever looked a little worrisome - 
took Jemma to Phuket International Hospital.

A GPS signal on a stolen mobile 'caught' the thief'.
- next is the GPS catching the husband having the affair...

An illegal show at a Gay Club was closed and the dancers fined 500Baht each 
and next week...

There was a gentle Quake (6.1) last week 
- not felt by me!

Breast Increase surgery - demand increase by 20-30%
but 90% are foreigners...

Restaurant built on Public Land 
- 2 years ago and it took this long because?

Bang Tao Canal is polluted
 - smelly
Klong Mudong reinforced because the road was collapsing
- benefactor arrested because no permission given?

Phuket Airport bus to Beaches service begins 
- but very little fanfare...
- how long do you think that it will last?

The DSI will arrive for crackdown on...
Russian Business owners using Thai nominees
Airport Taxi Drivers
- which will they be more successful with?

Rubbish can be dumped on private land (approved by the owner) as long as it does not pose a public or environmental health risk.
- it just looks disgusting...?

Accidents in bad weather so drive carefully 
- do you think that this advice was understood?
Had a refusal from a car rental company to deliver a Rental Car because of the bad weather and the drivers on the road - this is understandable - but how do you explain this to people wanting to rent the car?

Phuket Immigration track overstays... 
I have my paperwork - do you?

Illegal Taxi Drivers threaten the Governor! 
and were they arrested?

A Russian Swimmer dies in the Surf
- red flag...
Keep them out of the seas 
- red flags...
Russian saved from 'Killer Rip' 
- red flagsssss...
Russian ignores signs and red flags - dies in surf 

- was it all a scam or clever marketing?