Vichit Bike Cup

This was a Bicycle Race which was very close to where we live!

The riders all gathered in the local village - next to Klong Mu Dong and the local market at 8 am to swap techno and have photographs taken (here is a collection of mine).

Then I was moved to near our home because the actual start line was 50 metres away from the gate.

Watching the traffic get organised before the riders arrived was entertaining.

All the local people watched

At the beep of a siren the riders began to ride the circuit in carefully managed waves.

The camera man on the back of the motorbike drove off

and the man with the iPhone took a video

Unfortunately (well fortunately) I forgot my phone which meant that we got caught in the cycle route and very carefully followed them.

I went to work and the race finished back to where they all began.

Well done to all the competitors.