Phuket Happenings - January 2013

Lee Aldhouse denies murder 
and pleads guilty to what?

Tsunami film - "The Impossible" is at the movies
- sorry not interested - but I did play with the Thai cinema App.

Did anyone you know go to the Sydictive party in Patong?
I was busy with our New Year Party at Cape Panwa.

"Only one company has been brave enough to step forward and collect an Information Pack to apply for the Government tender for the airport bus services."
Website Information 
Nuff said.

Tuk Tuks blockade Kata / Karon so they close the Russian Tour counters
I know that the dancing girls were exotic dancers on their work permits
Russian Tour Counters were politically correct advisors?
will things change really?

Russians charged with assault on the beach 
and more 
 - not quite 'fitting in with the local community'.
Iranian assaults a parking attendant in Patong 
- tourists...

Racha Yai is in trouble with the rubbish 
and this was avoidable - too late?

More police come to protect the tourist 
from who?

Good luck with the increase in bicycles for rent.
the 'bane' of Phuket still remains the taxis, tuk-tuks and jet-skis

Money stolen from the Hotel Safe's - staff given drugged coffee
2 comments to the story
1) beware of Arabs bearing gifts
2) Hotel security boxes need two keys to open – one from reception and one from the customer. How could they have been opened without the customers' keys?
and the answer...
a police sketch is released

Tourist dies in a 5* Hotel swimming pool
mystery surround as to the reason...

A new bus route is coming to Phuket in March 2013
good luck !

Hotels are to blame for a lot of rubbish on Racha Yai 
this was the rubbish I collected on the beach at Cape Panwa and yes it was from a hotel

Policeman to be transferred because he pistol-whipped a resident 
whilst they were beating up an alleged thief
more to this story...

National Disaster Warning Centre launches an App
not yet reviewed but I have reviewed these.

Locals against the Patong Tunnel because it is their homeland
Yep - agreed - no tunnel

image from Phuket News
A tourist is found drowned on Patong Beach
there seems to be more to this?

2,000 Taxis in Bangkok pledge not to refuse fares
- until the end of New Year Holiday Week
- so it's okay now to refuse fares?

Phuket Resident skimmed for 90,000 Baht 
glad I have no cashpoint card...

Australian Tourist found dead from drug overdose 
- possibly

BANGKOK: -- The number of deaths caused by road accidents during the so-called seven dangerous days spanning the New Year holiday period has risen by more than 8 per cent to 365 and the number of accidents has also increased by 2.68 per cent compared to the same period last year.
- nuff said

 i hope this gentleman was okay...

View Accident black spots. in a larger map

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