Chinese New Year and Old Phuket Town Festival (15-17 Feb)

We stayed at the Casa Blanca in Phuket Old Town for something new, it was a hit with Jemma and it was easy to park - until we realised that  the Festivals would be running whilst we were there!

This year it was the 14th Old Phuket Town Festival and we have enjoyed every one of them.

There was a stage built in Queen Sirikit Park where there were performances throughout the 3 days of celebrations and the park was a wonderful place to be. The performances were fun and all with Chinese outfits on - but Jemma's was too small....

The roads all around here were closed in the afternoon to traffic and the stalls and places for the shows were being set up - I missed Jamie's children playing on one of the corners, maybe Route 66 next time?

Rasada Road, Phuket Road, Phang Nga Road and Talang Road were strewn with small and big street stalls - there seemed to be every type of food for sale here - from the ubiquitous deep fried insects, pancakes, roti, sushi, potato sticks the list was endless.

Then there were the artists along Rasada Road - from the professionals with their easels, aerosols etc to the people and the chalk on the road - wonderful.

We wandered around - remembering (of course) to pay homage to the Giant Sea Dragon in the park. I popped into the Indy Market but I think most of the vendors were in the bigger festival.

Then we were met by the tall people and the ladies dressed as 1970 Superheroes? - the significance of this I do not understand but hey it was a lot of fun. 

After finding the candy-floss and the bubble tea that was me for the night.

Of course there was 'Gang Nam Dancing' - by one or three people.

We left Phuket Town and drove to Mee Ton Poe 3 for dinner - I think that we were their last customers - great Hokkien Noodles here.