Wat Chalong Temple Fair (10-17 Feb)

Last year we visited the Wat Chalong Temple Fair and we had a great time amongst the variety of different things to look at.

This year was similar and we chose to visit at night time.

I am not sure how long the Wat Chalong Temple Fair has been running for but after reading articles on the Internet I understand that it was started because of the enormous response that was made to the Chinese New Year Festivities.

Not sure that I really know though.

Wat Chalong is a beautifully managed Wat in Phuket and it is worth any time of the year.

The roads leading to the Wat are lined with florescent tube lighting and then side roads are opened and there are a plethora of places to park for 40 Baht.  

On entering Wat Chalong I was surprised by the number of people - it was certainly crowded with Thai people buying a number of things. The number of things to choose from was enormous - Siamese Fighting Fish, helium balloons, toys, food and clothes.

Wat Chalong was still open and many people were taking the opportunity to enter in. Be prepared to be shocked by the firecrackers which are set off every so often.

Certainly worth a visit.

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