Chinese New Year and Phuket Old Town Festival - begins

We had a few surprises today.

After spending the day touring the coffee shops of Phuket Town and realising that I can drink volumes of coffee I can only drink two Bubble Teas before I felt quite sick!

We picked Jemma up from school and returned to Phuket Town to visit the park opposite Lemongrass restaurant...

Today was the beginning of the Chinese Festivities and the important people of Phuket (sorry - no names are known) were there to begin the celebrations. We quietly sat down on some benches and we were treated like royalty by the ladies dressed in the Baba clothes - drinks and nibbles.

We had a school brass band play a number of pieces for us and then we had an introduction to the festivities and then a local school performed a dance. We could not last until the Dragon Dance and went for a walk - and we came upon the Phuket Indy Market!

I had all but forgotten about this event - we had fun, bought a hamster, some food and stopped in a coffee shop.