Baba Wedding Phuket 2014

The BaBa wedding is a very special weekend in Phuket. 

The ladies in Phuket Town get to wear all their finery and parade through the town - the history of this house is best read by looking at the website of the Hongsyok family tree and further information.

Hongsyok House is a very special place to visit at this time and this will be the only opportunity to get a look inside this Private House. 

Wonderful and thank you.

The family of Hongsyok House - currently Mrs Boonsri Hongsyok - open their gates for this ceremony once a year. I may not be the media and wearing a special badge but I was able to have a look but shortly I was asked to leave it. (Should I wear a media something next year?)

On entering into the garden there were a plethora of Thai women of all ages wearing their finery - the Governor of Phuket made an entrance and she was also wearing the traditional clothing.


The ceremonial tea ceremony took place inside whilst I tried to remember to conserve the battery of the camera (I had no spare and was unsure whether it was charged).

Then it all changed - then the brides and their groom left the house to have their photographs in the gardens - these were my favourite shots of this couple.

I left to have a coffee at Tiny coffee (using my App for discount) and then I was amused to see that the Phuket Governor? walked in and had coffee and cake in their finery.

Then I walked into Phuket Town to find the car - Jemma was happy that 'The Walking Street Market - Lard Yai' was also on. I spotted Jamie (with his son John) and two of the bloggers for the #instameethkt last month in eleven two and company - Jamie was off to watch Phuket FC and we were off to Central Festival to the cinema to Train your Dragon 2 and Zen for dinner.

The noise began and the parade started with two policemen on motorbikes followed by some of the Phuket dignitaries in Volkswagon Beetles - I did not understand this but it was fun.

Then the couples paraded past, flowers were thrown and more photographs were taken. The photograph above is of Ann and P'Sampan. 

This year there was more media attention as couples were interviewed in the street.

Three girls were dressed in Northern costume and others dressed in the more traditional Thai dress 

- flowers were thrown and smiles shared.

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