Baba Weddings 2012

After the Por Tor Ceremony and Parade in the last post I took a quick coffee break (three of them) and then made my way to Hongsyok Mansion for it's Second Day.

Hongsyok House
The Baba Wedding Ceremonies have a great deal of history and I believe that it was initially set up as an 'Introductory Service' for the parents of the wealthy Chinese (living in Phuket) to find wives for them.

It has been a ceremonial weekend which I have attended previously (2011 and 2010) but this year I was only able to witness the arrival of the grooms to Hongsyok Mansion.

I was in Phuket Old Town and it was clear - ready for their procession - I proceeded to Hongsyok House (where they decided that I was 'from the media') and fitted right in.  The House was decorated beautifully and adorned with flowers, very soon the 'Baba Ladies' began to arrive dressed in their finery.

Swiftly I found myself in the actual house, this was a very special opportunity because this is an actual home and out of these two days one the home is not open to the public.

Then the grooms arrived in their Limousines and dressed in their white suits - each groom  with the 'introductee' and introduced with a band - fabulous.