More than just the Por Tor Festival

I visited the Por Tor Festival last week (Hi Jamie) and spent time taking photographs of red turtles and the organised pandemonium and finished off in the Phuket Backbacker Hotel drinking beer.

After the beers were drained and Chuen and Jemma arrived we walked through the winding backstreets to find our car.

Imagine my surprise when we stumbled upon a film screen with a film being projected onto it – by a real film projector and a handful of Thai enthusiasts.


We then wandered through more back alleys and we stumbled upon a Traditional Thai Shadow Puppet Show (Nang Talung).

The show was managed by 4 elderly gentleman – 2 men taking care of the music, 1 man holding the puppets and making the sound effects and 1 man passing the puppets.

I can only hope that these skills are not lost.