Suvarnabhumi International Airport - safe

image from timinphuket - things2do
I have written about the Giant Yuks which are there to protect the travellers but I have now read about the actual things that are dangerous for me as a traveller.

"Its construction was widely believed to have been riddled with corruption and mismanagement. The terminal had to be reconfigured shortly after it opened, with offices having to be closed so the space could be converted into toilets. The facility was designed with a capacity of 45 million passengers when it was opened in September 2006, a year late at that point. It now handles 51 million passengers a year as Thailand’s tourism industry booms."


"The west runway closed for repairs 209 times in 2011 and has been closed 55 times since the beginning of 2012. The eastern one has been closed 66 times, mostly to repair existing cracks. The east runway is now expected to remain closed until Aug. 9 while repairs are made, with aircraft backing up overhead in holding patterns for up to an hour and more as they wait to land. In June, Cathay Pacific warned that there could be delays because of the runway would be closed for months of repairs."

text from asia centinal.

Apart from the long queues I thought that Suvarnabhumi was okay.
Was I wrong?