Phuket News - August 2012

Chuen with a Passion Fruit Lolly at Mee Ton Poe 2

In 2010 landfills were full and a new incinerator was built
but there is too much rubbish still!

Two more elephants given a licence to work in Phuket's entertainment industry 
(Siam Nimarit)
but this is over the quota in 2003?
and silence surrounds the DNA of a newly born

Looking forward to the new Toh Seh Hill Park
hope 'Monkey Hill isn't ruined!
we love it - have a look.

Areas and or companies to be 'investigated' with encroachment of land 
1: Arcadia
2: Laem Singh Beach
3: Bang Kanoon Forest
4: Nakkerd Hills
5: Kamala Hills
6: Trisara
7: Peninsula Spa and Resort
8: Andaman White Beach
9: Layan Phuket
10: Rang Noi Island

BUT the landholders have the paperwork!
a casino Rang Noi Island
why does this take so long to see?
it is not spiteful 
police are suspicious of hundreds of titles
no wrong doing on Big Buddha Hill
so where's my geocache?

build a Patong road through protected forest
they are going to build a tunnel?

the French Expat who might lose his 100 million baht home
the stories continue...

Phuket Town operation to remove overhead wires is near completion
and the rest of the island?

Tiger Fire in Patong is a disaster
how many more clubs are like this 'after hours'?

An illegal sand mine is raided.

Beach Clean up by Andara Resort Villa
Well Done

Phuket Marine Biological Centre rescues oil soaked turtles
great stuff BUT stop the dumping
they don't save the dolphin

Phuket cop arrested and linked to Ya Baa Trade
but declines to appear
Indian man arrested - a Ya Baa Trader
this is just the tip of the iceberg

Road accident 
Driver fled the scene
but in another accident a crash helmet saves someones life

The Blue Flag Fair - behind the Mazda Showroom
Missed this one :-(

Dinosaurs headed to Phuket for the Holiday
which hotel?

Chinese drownings in the sea
nothing suspicious
there seems to be a lot reported here...

do they really want to build a Patong Tunnel?

Ukranian nabbed for take driving test for friend
do people really get away with this?

Alcohol prices going up - 400 Baht a litre
Quick buy your alcohol before it goes up - whoops - too late