5th Annual Baba Wedding Festival

I arrived early (well I thought) at Hongsyok House and I nipped into Tiny Coffee for a quick iced coffee – using the App I got 10% off and I wandered into the beautiful setting over the road.

Hongsyok House is a Private House but for this day the public are allowed to enter. I felt like a journo with my coffee but then remembered that the camera was in the shop and I was armed only with the iPhone – never mind, amongst all the real Journo’s I was a blogger!

I have visited previously - 2012, 2011 and 2010 but I wandered in the beautiful gardens snapping shots – and the atmosphere was wonderful. I decided not to go into the house because there was so much outside - here's some previous shots.

Then the organising began – this was ahead of time!

The ‘noted’ people lined up at the front and the Wedding Couples with their introductee’s (is that the right word?). Then the band started and we began.

I ran ahead to take photographs and there was a Chinese Dragon at the crossroads of a normally busy road performing for us!

As we turned onto Thalang Road the local people and the girls dressed in their costumes waited with their baskets full of flower petals. As the lucky couples walked past the petals were thrown – Fabulous.

We walked to Phuket Thai Hua Museum where staged photographs were taken. I left this because there was so much noise from the parade moving past!

Well this was fabulous – there were a number of girls in the local costumes standing on ‘wheeled platforms’ that were pushed by boys dressed in local costumes.

Then there was a parade of Muslims girls in their costume – where was all this from? – wonderful.

As the parade came to a close I met Jamie and we retired to Route 68 (a popular place for him) for some cooling beers…

Then it was the Rider Café for an investigation of the Burgers (but that’s another blog) and our families joined us J

Thank you to the Thai Peranakan Association for organising this special event.

 - Hongsyok House