Por Tor Festival 2016

It is believed by some of the Phuket Community that the spirits of our dead ancestors will visit them once a year on Earth.

I always like to visit during this period - I took a break in the  air conditioning at

การท่องเที่ยวแห่งประเทศไทย(ททท.) Tourism Authority Of Thailand Phuket office - thanks for the information.

The parade started from the 'Dragon Park' - there were a lot of people their - all waiting for something to happen - and it did.

The music started and the parade began - a lot of carefully made up girls and boys all wearing something special and many carrying a 'turtle cake'.

The turtles are covered in red icing and are made locally – much like the ‘Mooncakes’. The turtles are bright red because in this tradition this is the colour of ‘good luck’. The shape of the cake is a turtle because this symbolises ‘long life’.

Then the fun began.

The firecrackers were lit and it was extremely noisy!

The Red Turtles however will be taken into the Car Park above the enclosed Local Market. 

Here the Car Park was full of tables with food prepared for the spirits – whole roasted pig, deep fried duck, red Fanta drinks, carved fruits and more red turtle cakes!

There was a traditional tea ceremony - wonderful.

It was a great day for me - followed by coffee at Phuketique and then lunch at Downtown Kao-Kaeng.

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