Por Tor final day 2015

The Final day of the Por Tor Festival always means that there is a busy shrine!

We were lucky to be taken into the shrine by a family who were also visiting the shrine to pay their respects.

It was certainly a busy place! The tables were still laden with red turtles and other gifts!

After purchasing the selection of offerings (joss sticks, candles, and gold leaf / paper) we lit some joss sticks in the middle and then entered into the shrine on the left and we went behind the main figurine.

I was certainly small behind there and if you were uncomfortable with all the sake and incense then I would not go behind when it was busy - for me it was a wonderful experience.

We lit more sticks along this short corridor. On leaving this we rang the bell 3 times and left a donation in the box.

At this point there were people adding oil to the burning lamp on the table.

Then we were led to the 'burning tower' outside of the shrine. It was at this point that i noticed that the 'sheets' were held together by a small twisted piece of paper.

Which was then thorn into the flames - I will find out about the symbolism of this later.

This was wonderful - on leaving I was given some (what I think was sweet dough) from the staff. This is what you should eat some of them because it will bring you good fortune.

We hoped into Ko Hor Mooncake Shop and bought a 'nutty mooncake which we ate in Circle Coffee Boutique - it was very nice.

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