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Phuket Indy Market has certainly grown since I last posted about it in 2011.

It has swelled into an attraction which was predominantly art and craft materials and a bite to eat to so much more of the same. It seems to be open 3 nights a week (wed, thurs, fri) from 4pm to about 10:30pm.

The biggest people who flock here are definitely the teenagers - 14 plus. However this does not stop others coming here OR maybe it is the recently opened development 'Limelightnext door to it which has made it more popular?

The amount of interesting articles is fun - the clothes for your favourite animal are available!

Then there was the lady having her legs waxed!

Then the fun started! There are a number of bands that play through the evening and the looks that they get from some onlookers suggest to me that it is a cool place to be strumming your guitar!

Then there is someone who posts regularly on Instagram with the

The front of the market is next to the Sofa Pub and the road so it is a bit of a squeeze but then it opens out into a forecourt where there are three rows of stalls / tables and carpets.

The first set of tables are generally reserved for art and craft and pampering - nail painting is still very popular here!

There there is the opportunity for a Chicken Kebab and more usual Local foods.

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