Sangkhla Buri and Kanchanburi

Kanchanaburi was a place we went because it was somewhere different and not much was written about in - in English anyway - this was the best website.

We started the trip from Bangkok at a Thon Buri train station. For me this trip would cost me 100 Baht and my wife and daughter would go free.

It was certainly a different way of travelling and I recommend that you try it once BUT it is not for everybody. At one train station we had to wait for a replacement something for an hour so don't stick to a timetable. 

Followers of me on Swarm would see all the stops that we made. Followers of me on Facebook would have seen a video compilation that I made.

A monk gave us some fruit to eat on the train.

But there was people on the train with more food.

Then it was time for a bus trip.

We arrived soon at Samprasob Resort - a great location and resort. The bridge on the right is what is referred to as the Mon Bridge.

The Mon Bridge is certainly somewhere to visit early in the morning - this means about 6am.

There are people all along the roads selling gifts for the monks and what was the most photogenic were the children selling all the flowers for you.

Then it was time to give the gifts to the monks.

Returning back we watched the people jumping from the bridges.

Then after breakfast we decided to visit some of the Buddhist temples which were flooded because of the construction of a dam (more later when I find out).

It was a spectacular trip and it certainly was worth doing - I can't find much more information  but I will certainly try.

เมองบาดาล-วดใตนำ (i think)  
วดสมเดจเกา  (i think) 
Much of the information is in Thai...

The environment is quite spectacular!

Then there was the afternoon trip on the motorbikes for more temples.

 Then it was time for us to get the mini-bus back to Kanchanaburi.

 Then another mini-bus to Bangkok.

Back to Bangkok...
More images will be posted here when I have been through them all - wonderful.

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