Coffee, Chinese Shrine, Book Shops, Bubble Tea...

This post is a little late because I became a little pre-occupied with the Por FestivalIt was an early start because school starts early here so Phuket Town was relatively quiet when I wandered in early in the morning. 

My first stop was a coffee shop - Taitong Cafe, which was very nice thank you. I was next off to buy some books so I walked past Queen Sirikit Park to go to Seng Ho bookstore - great but I couldn't find anything that I wanted.... So I wandered towards the next book store.

But then I found that the ศาลเจ้าฮกหงวนเก้ง (Hok Hngoun Geng Shrine : 福元宮)was preparing itself for the Por Tor Festival.

I stayed there for a bit. (fuller post coming)

It was then time for some air-conditioning BUT no coffee, so it was my favourite Bubble Tea at the best in Phuket - Mellow Yellow, but i keep losing my card. 
Never mind it was off to another book shop - The Books - but it wasn't open, so I wandered round the block - popping into the local DVD shop, my daughter is into dinosaurs again so Jurassic Park was on the list.

Popped into Robinsons but they were out of my favourite bread - found a ham and cheese sandwich at SnP for my daughter.

Then it was time for a mooncake at Kor Hok Mooncake Shop.

Popped into a shrine which is not complete yet - lovely colours.

Time for a cool drink BUT no coffee - green tea at 168 Cup - not trying this again!

Time for lunch at Tesco Food Mall - always a big selection and very cheap.

Dinner at a new restaurant for me - บานภรมยกรนโอค - review coming soon -

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