The Por Tor Parade 2015

The Por Tor Parade and visiting a Chinese Shrine is something that I always look forward to.

During the period mentioned previously the 'ghost door' is open so relatives who have passed away will have the opportunity to visit you - this is the term 'Hungry Ghost' originates.

Some homes will set up a lavish table to welcome them.

"Don’t forget the red turtle (Ang Koo) for propitiate. Red Turtle sweet is made from wheat flour with sugar, form into turtle figure and dye in red color. 
The legend said Pra Tang Sam Jung (Chinese monk) invites the Tripitaka at Sri Lanka. While he sits on a junk, there is a strong wind and make his junk founder. After that he prays and then the huge turtle is appeared. It swims for guide his junk until reach Sri Lanka. 
Other belief is Chinese people are often think the turtle is a longevity. In any ceremony Chinese people like to use the turtle be apart of their ceremony. So they will longevity also." 

text is from Phuket index

The Chinese Shrines throughout Phuket have their timetable of events. I visited Nguan Hok Kong Shrine (Chinese Shrine) whilst they were getting the shrine ready - thank you for being so welcoming. The next day (Sunday 30th) there were a great many people at Queen Sirikit Park all prepared to join in.

We all set off (amid a lot of noise) to walk into Phuket Town - which was cordoned off to traffic.

We attracted a lot of attention for the onlookers watching.

But then we were joined at the 'market roundabout' by a team of people carrying a large urn from a temple.

They set off onto Market Road and were followed by the music team, dancing dragons and firecrackers.

On reaching the market we all went upstairs to the car park!

It was beautiful - food everywhere, decorations abundant, people to celebrate and so much more...

Thank you to all of you for being so welcoming to me.

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