ATM skimmers are in Patong...

image from funny fly - permission requested

Well this is another reason to avoid Patong BUT if you need to visit Patong 
the Siam Commercial Bank stated:

1) Never allow anyone to ‘help’ you use an ATM.
2) Use only an ATM in high traffic areas / CCTV coverage because this makes it more difficult to affix a skimmer.
3) Check the ATM keyboard – it should be flush?
4) Use an ATM with a ‘tongue’ protruding from the card slot?
5) Change your PIN number regularly


Number 3) - but different makes of machine?
Number 4) - but not all makes of machine?


Depart with cash in your pocket and withdraw the cash from inside the bank 
– be prepared (I was a Boy Scout).
OR - try this method

NOT the only type of skimmers in Patong...