Phuket News February 2012

Jemma at Xtreme Adventure
Simon Star Cabaret Show
With Bangla Road in Patong and Simon's Cabaret do we need more or is Phuket going or an untapped market?    

More ATM skimmers...

A man dies of a black spider bite
NO MORE stepping on spiders in our house
the hospital "believe that his drinking behaviour was involved"
- did he not share with the spider?

Why are lethal weapons sold at Temple Fairs?
(my thought as well)

Krabi bus stops are a success!
and Phuket buses?

Girlie Spikers with a moral 
spike the man, steal everything BUT bring the passport back

a Patong Tunnel.............

A plethora of hospital runners after they have received treatment
- but an unscheduled cesarean on a resident!!!!

Witness in land probe found hanged - suicide not declared...

Another crash

A big tour bus bursts into flames on a hill in Karon!!!!
4 tourists, 1 driver, l tour-guide, 1 translator on board

Unidentified farang found dead floating near Coral Island
NOT on your tour!

Eat an elephant?
Elephant sashimi anywhere in Phuket?
an elephant penis will sell for more than 30,000 Baht!
BUT this couple are not guilty

Twitter is being looked at by the Thai government and they will censor it
but why was my photobucket collection withheld temporarily

Bangkok police come to sort out Taxi mafia
do all the police have taxi meters to give?

Arrivals and Hotel Occupancy Up
Statistics at school were all a question of choices
do we believe the Airport and Hotel statistics for Phuket?

BUT do all the tourists pay?
Russian Tourist company collapses...
Air Australia airline goes bust...
Who is paying the bill?

But... they are going to increase the airport size 
but... they have not solved the issue of the taxi yet.

Methee Tanmanatragul, adviser from the Thai Hotels Association, noted that the way airport taxi services are currently managed needs changing.

He suggested that Phuket Airport use the model employed at Suvarnabhumi Airport, where taxis queue up, the drivers paying a 50 baht fee.

Taxi mafia stopping hospital pick up
- do hospitals really pay commission???

Andaman Beach Suites Hotel in Patong
no more easy payouts for the robbery claim
AND the goods were stolen from the safe?

Terror alert in Phuket
Our car boot got checked in Tesco's?

Jet-ski Touts defend their turf - 3 unregistered jet-skis are in Phuket
AND they are run by a farang using a Thai as a front man
- "scream...."

Lee Aldhouse fights extradition because
Thai jails breach Article 3 of the Human Rights Convention, which prohibits “inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”
NOTE to all would be killers - only kill in countries with this type of jail

Things cost more for farangs than Thai people in Thailand
so this means that you live in Thailand...

Rectal stashing of mobile phones for prisoners
 I liked this comment
"One thing is for sure: I will never, ever buy a secondhand telephone in Phuket!"
and the comments continued - fabulous humour

Stamp out prostitution in Thailand!!!
has anyone told the hotels in Pattaya?
10% + of the industry...