ATM machines and advertising

image from marc - permission requested
I have read and posted here about scammers at ATM machines and ATM machines which are hacked and the unwitting tourist loses a lot of money.

The I read about the Thai ATM machine which does not release the cash point card until the user replies to a question on the screen.

Then I read that the system in Thailand to take your cash is 

1) Take your receipt
2) Remove your money
3) Remove your card

in the West the system commonly is 

1) Remove your card or Remove your money

2) Remove your money or Remove your card
3) Remove your receipt

Don't use ATM's in Phuket...


  1. That is scary. I also read your blog about the ATM advertising where you need to answer a question in order to get your card back. I hope they won’t keep my card if I answer that I am not satisfied with their

  2. I'm afraid with that. There are many scammers around us today.

  3. A way to avoid this is to be organized and take out money from an ATM inside the bank?


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