Phuket News June 2012

now we are safe?

A Russian dies in a notorious Rip...
American Kite surfer dies off Nai Harn Beach
Are there signs? Yes...
Surin Beach wall is 'ripped to shreds'
and you need a sign in 7 different languages?
and new safety measures?

only one tourist stung though?

The mystery of Phuket and it's black sands
not seen this...

English needs teaching to residents of Phuket
I did plan teaching lessons for staff at the hotel..

Illegal beach restaurant found on Tri Trang Beach
couldn't have much good - it never made TripAdvisor

Lee Aldhouse's extradition is postponed for his solicitors 'to fully prepare'
and 2 years is not enough?
What more can be added to murder?

Patong Hill needs repairs
and the people need to pay
what about the people who dug  away the sides?
Patong tunnel by 2017
but the road is falling apart?
we shall go the other way.

how long is the meeting?

English needs teaching to residents of Phuket
I did plan teaching lessons for staff at the hotel..

iPads etc rotting the brain
same as the TV..

Alcohol is banned for the period before elections 
the fine is 1,000 Baht

Thai children and teachers receive tablets (after the initial ones were refused)
see the article above
aren't there more important things for our families?

TV / Satellite operators fined for not broadcasting football...
glad I have no wish to watch any TV

Crackdown on Hookah bars
not seen any of these, I do not go in the right places...

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