Visakha Bucha Day

After posting a blog about Visakha Bucha Day special day I chose to visit a temple.

Beautiful is the word that can describe this.  The Buddhist Temple that we visited is in Phuket Town and is magnificent, (I will find out the name - but the name is in the picture above).

When we arrived it was dark and the moon was full, we purchased the offerings from outside the Temple and proceeded to climb the 'dragon' stairs.  On reaching the top the temple was full of monks and people inside and then was surrounded by others, young and old.

I recognised the chanting from a Wedding Ceremony and enjoyed the ambience.  The monks finished the chanting and then us all for a walk around the temple - 3 times - representing; 
1) Lord Buddah
2) The monks in the Temple
3) The teachings

Once this was complete our joss sticks, candles and lotus were put into the ground or in the Temple.  We then entered a temple to give a gift.

A wonderful and touching experience - this is Thailand and Buddhist prayer - 
then we went for an ice-cream. :-)

more photographs
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