Phuket News ++: April 2011

The Phuket Girl on YouTube is not who they thought it was...

“The woman certainly was not dead when our officers arrived in front of The Vijitt Resort,” Thada Suppawat, an emergency response officer at the Phuket Tourist Rescue Center in Chalong, told the Phuket Gazette this afternoon.
The rescue center was notified of the woman, later identified as 27-year-old Bangorn Srisod, lying beside the road at about 5.45am, he said."
a medium... looking forward to the vegetarian festival this year...

Then there was a Kathu Walking Street Festival - looked like fun.

Sick Dolphin being taken care of by the Phuket Marine Biological Research Centre.
Not looking good....

NOT AGAIN! - Phuket Deep Sea Port is blocked
Phuket Gazette / Thai Visa

The Qingming Fest - Phuket families of ethnic Chinese descent have been busy

A soldier shot someone who annoyed him? - 
next time I will be more careful in a bar

Is this an April Fool?
Patong one-way will be reversed...

Phuket Bike Week 

Welfare for taxi drivers
next will be... welfare for old farangs who 'make mistakes'...

Strong rip tides in Nai Harn - 3 girls saved
and the lifeguards are back
but girl dies in tin mine lagoon

I feel a bit of a wimp after I read about the 30 ft Python in the Phuket Village and I was scared by the snake in my house.

The US navy (5,000 +) are here...
US Reagan is the nuclear powered aircraft carrier

Deaths in Chiang Mai - are they linked?
Healthmap blog
International Society for Infectious Diseases
Lonely Planet
Top News - New Zealand

Accident on Big Buddah Hill - ouch

Who rents jet skis in Phuket still?

They did - 180,000 baht compensation...
thai forum
blip tv

Thaksin to return to 'serve the people' - who are?

Absolute hired to sell Coconut Village
not sure I would team up with this company?

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