Sleeping with the Dead

After reading "Sleeping with the Dead" - a very special book I found out that there were a number of things that I read which resonated very strongly with living here.

My gratitude to Marko Cunningham for talking so frankly about his experiences.

There are a plethora of things that he talks about but to try to encapsulate it would not do his writing / experience justice - his story and the work that people do voluntarily must be shared.

Supertsitions, which I have witnessed, from his writing:
Do you want to see a ghost?
Stand at the crossroads at midnight and bend over and look through your legs.
Sleep under a Weeping Angel Tree in a Wat.
If a person dies with no family the person can be eaten (after being prepared correctly) to help the deceased to the next life.

Comments, which I found pertinent, from his writing:
... to collect the kickbacks some hospitals pay for receiving paying clients  ... can collect the bribes offered from the hospitals 
...Thaksin Shinawatra turned down overseas aid (after the tsunami), arrogantly claiming that unlike real Third World countries, Thailand was capable of taking care of itself...

Here is an interview with Marko.

The Bangkok Free Ambulance can be contacted here - they provide a remarkable service.

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