OTOP Fair in Phuket

There was an OTOP (One Tambon One Product) Fair in Phuket last week.

You may see the acronym OTOP. It stands for One Tambon One Product. This is a government-sponsored initiative to create small local industries in Thailand. A tambon is the Thai equivalent of a district or parish. The idea of OTOP is to offer every tambon in Thailand the chance to create its own small industry producing a local product and providing employment for local people. The government provides packaging, distribution and marketing assistance. OTOP products are typically local handicrafts, clothing, dried fruits, wines, etc. The quality is usually good and the prices are reasonable, although not always the cheapest. If you buy OTOP products, you have the satisfaction of knowing you are supporting small local industries in Thailand.

Text is from http://www.knowphuket.com

A good excuse to have a fair - a large selection of clothing and of course lots of local food.

some photographs
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