Phuket News September 2011


If there is a lot of noise next door of construction
just fire a gun over them - he did.

Beach volleyball competition possible cxl?
not sure we need this, how many viewers look at the ball

80 meter high building restrictions a failure.
Why is this so difficult when there is so much
 planning / paperwork involved?

2 homosexuals dead in 2 days
- and their sexual preference is relevant because?

The tailor touts which harass you at Kata / Karon / Patong have a
work permit for some trades BUT sales work is restricted to Thai nationals.
These touts can't be too hard to catch for Visa Irregularities?

photo courtesy of the Phuket Gazette
Happy Birthday Luang Pu Supha - 115 years

Hint of the week: When you move to a new house do not leave the valuable in plain view and then go out - what happens?

New Tourist visa regulations...
They are already confusing.

Thing again about that elephant ride especially when the company tell you that they have not had any accidents previously

Then I read that the TAT logo has been copied by organisations which HAVE NOT been endorsed... (especially time shares...)

No booze zones in Phuket... unless...?

Anti-drug volunteer caught selling drugs...
Deep Cover and Carlito's Way were the movies.

A dancing fountain at Sapan Hin... hope it worked

Then Phuket spends 17million Baht on Speed cameras for the red lights
- more money?
- where will the switched be to turn them off?
- then the evidence...

Mad bomber arrives to 'bomb the bank'
Sorry but we are closed?
But the bomb was not real?

Big Buddah near completion - watch this space...

A Phuket Expat is defrauded by his partners (Western) and has to leave.
Full story from the US...
"but if I had not come back to Thailand I would have lost the land"
"As far as we know, none of the victims are Thai"

Ouch - with all the rain....

a tourist trod on a live electricity spot in Patong 
- I am surprised that this has not happened previously.

Then the Korean whose leg gets trapped in a hole in the pavement
More accidents to come...

A Canadian is sent back to Thailand to face murder charges (after 15 years)
and why do we wait for Lee Aldhouse (after 1 year)?

As posted previously - Aldhouse will be extradited from the UK.
Then I read that he will (looks inevitable) - watch this space.

Thailand to shed sex tourism label
has anyone told the workers?

Farmer Jo's turkeys - a story about the Thai wife leaving and wants all the land BUT the husband thought that he had a 30 year lease...
comments from the forum:
1) he is business here but his children in care in the UK - does he pay?
2) check all your 30 year leases (and the back page)
3) check your wife

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