Tuk Tuks, taxis, driving and a bison

image from the Phuket Gazette
Another report of a beating by taxi!

Very soon there won't be any tourist to argue over - then the hotels will be empty and then where will the economy of Phuket be then?

A forum from Thai Visa about Travel Warnings.

Tuk Tuk and Jet Ski is Aussie top complaints...
English? - potatoes not right?
Italian? - pay for the women?
French? - but she said yes?
Welsh? - I did not agree that price?
American? - burger too small?
is there a website of common complaints?

Do not argue with a Tuk Tuk driver - ouch.
I pay when I get on?

- standard is not the same as extortionate standard AND how many locations?
Cape Panwa?
Splash Jungle?
the list is endless.... then read the small print...

Then a cartel set upon a driver from 'outside' the area whilst there is a tourist inside.
Good PR for Phuket?

The taxi cartel? grants US military access from the Deep Sea Port
- so business was good in Patong...

Not sure that all the blame for poor driving should be aimed at the Tuk Tuk?

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