Cough cough but not too much

Image from Phuket News permission requested

A popular concoction here is a cough syrup which really does sooth the throat and does wake you up.

It is similar to Red Bull - a similar concoction with similar effects .

But the pharmacy was raided because:

“A total of 6,288 bottles of cough syrup containing Diphenhydramine were seized from the store.

“Even though Diphenhydramine in cough syrup is legal, having more than 6,000 bottles in one shop is unusual,” he said."

(text from the Phuket Gazette)

Dr Sak said, “We believe that the shop was selling the syrup to teenagers to be used for things other than curing a cough.

“We received reports from Thalang police that many teenagers came to the shop to buy cough syrup. That’s why we raided it.”

The use of cough syrup in a local concoction called “4x100” – combining the medicine with kratom tea, cola soft drink and ice – is well known throughout Southern Thailand."

(text from the Phuket Gazette)

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