Phuket News August 2011

Jemma feeding the swans at Windsor NOT Phuket

Corruption in Thailand is rampant - a survey in the Phuket Gazette BUT Thailand is based on a commission industry is there a different definition for this word?

Two Swedish men staying at the Surin Sweet Hotel confess to murdering a Swedish gentleman who informed the tourist police of a scam they were operating from an Internet Cafe.
How did they do this?
Were they friends?
Next time think about it...

Prison Time?
According to the agreement, the pair would be required to serve one-third, or no more than eight years, of their sentence before having the opportunity to apply to the Swedish government for a transfer.

If the Swedish government accepts the transfer request, it would then be forwarded to the Thai government for approval...

Another death in the water - after swimming at Kata beach BUT not the waves.

Recently there has been a number of foreign deaths... why?

Then I read that the Phuket Gazette web-site crashed because of the demand for information - isn't this a little morbid?
There is more to this story
a war about statistics

Internet Speeds in Phuket have improved 
but could they get worse? and not here :-(

There is a missing hill?
It took a long time for people to notice that it was gone 
- I look forward to the outcome 
- please return the hill.

Sea Gypsies have to move
because of sea / environment change/ land issues?

Death from a fall at Cape Phromthep - she was on the rocks?
I am scared at the top!

Police tell the Tuk Tuk drivers - NO more blockades
watch this space

Well I now know that there are no red shirts in Government - but I would be awfully annoyed if I had voted for them and worn a shirt...

AND Thaskin's family DO NOT need to pay the 11 billion baht owed to the (then) government.

photo from Phuket Gazette
Tablets in schools!
1) Now I know why my iPad took so long to be delivered!
2) Tablets - take 2 a lesson!

A dogs dinner (sic)
my apologies...

The deaths of the tourists in Chang Mai - possible cause of death was pesticides 
- where's John Grisham when you want him?
The Downtown Inn
If you stay there these are the rooms ...
Waraporn Pungmahisiranon found dead in room 516
Sarah Carter found sick in room 518. She died in hospital on Feb 6
George and Eileen Everitt found dead in room 42

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