Phuket News July 2011

The dead body of missing Aussie tourist is found - how did she die?
What does a red flag mean?

Thaksin case reviewed... why were they wrong?

The worlds largest floating bookshop comes to Phuket.

'Boy' does not contact his mother and a request is made through the Phuket Gazette for him to contact his mother - he does BUT he will not tell us why he did not - this is his prerogative - did you tell you mother everything - NO, i though not - shhhh i didn't.

The death of Mr De Jong from the Secret Cove was a shock BUT there is now a Korean in custody.

Yingluck promises the minimum wage will start in Phuket
Watch this space...

picture from the Phuket Gazette
How does a car 'wrap itself' around a pole'?
Accident happened at 5am - death and hospital.
Alcohol is not a factor.

Mystery death likely to be suicide
However, a Phuket Gazette news reporter at the scene soon after the recovery of the body stood by the initial report. There were extensive bloodstains on the wall, trauma to the skull and a pillow covered the face of the body, the reporter said.If the late Ms Chamaiporn had taken her own life she must have done so in a very unusual fashion, the reporter said. 

Speculation - a Danish man dies...

An American dies - possible murder - is this business getting busy?

A policeman kills his wife and then commits suicide - jealous.

A temple shoot out - brings security concerns in Phuket, but I find strange is that the person who was shot had people with them who - "His assistants returned fire, sparking a shootout that left 11 wounded, including five-year-old Pornicha Thammasangwan, who died on her way to hospital."
Then the Phuket Gazette indicate that land deals are a recipe for a shoot out - maybe it's a good idea that the 'farang' does not own land?

25 tons of Fake Goods were burnt - 
No wonder I could not buy any DVDs last week but sshhh - there is a place that I know...

picture from the Phuket Gazette
Then I read that the pirate sellers of Kata and Katong are complaining that they are the areas where their businesses are 'picked on' by the police - please choose another place to raid and where is the warning letter?

Boulders from a construction site up the hill roll down - this cannot be the only time.

Cherry Clean skin hears God telling her to turn herself in to the police and confess to her crimes
is that all? - What will the fine be? NOT Buddah though - so she will be 'tainted' by the foreigner' and let off likely?

90% of the land controlled by the foreigner - how?

Crackdown on illegal Russian and Korean tour agents 
- does this mean that some are legal?

The complaint alleges that members of the Patong Police, some on plainclothes duty, are trafficking women from Burma, Cambodia and Laos to work in the local sex trade.
 The complaint alleges that the racket is being carried out in the “That’s Siam” section in the basement of the upscale Jungceylon shopping plaza.

What is the complaint - that Jungceylon is being used or that the police are involved?

The International Meditation Center at Tah Chat Chai which had the foundation stone laid on March 2nd but now the site is inappropriate because of transport inconveniences - weren't the transport inconveniences there previously?

Possible murder of a tourist in Patong

The US nationals enrol in STEP (Smart Traveler Enrolment Program) - would you?
1984, big brother, tracking...

Lee Aldhouse extradition is possible - waiting for the UK Home Secretary -
and he is guilty, the issue is the terms of the jail.

Nobody allowed to ride in a sidecar - Good Luck.

The story continues - Tattooists in Phuket - the idea was about the inappropriate place to put a tattoo is now about health and safety....

Chelsea fan takes a dive - copied from the players?
Which reminds me - are Liverpool coming?

More football (from Bangkok Post) - Larissa Riquelme (a Paraguay model) tells us that she will go naked if the national side win Copa America - so why do I write this here? 
Because her breasts (and telephone) adorned the front cover of the Bangkok Post Sports Section on Sunday.
1) will Phuket FC win if a Thailand Miss World strips?  
2) I would also like to know whether her telephone company also sponsor her?
3) Comments are closed on the above due to legal reasons?
but then I read

The 24-year-old is not the first person to promise to streak in the event of a World Cup win.
Earlier, Argentina coach Diego Maradona had issued a similar guarantee. (ANI)

Thailand is a wonderful place to live - but not if you have an Education Visa but don't go to school - a bit like in the UK and get unemployment benefit but don't attempt to get a job - maybe it is a loophole which should be closed? But I am sure there are more!

Landslide warning on the West Coast.
The west coast of Phuket province, known as a tourist paradise, is at risk from landslides due to land-use change and forestry, the Mineral Resources Department revealed yesterday. Kata, Karon, Patong, Kamala and Sai Khao beaches are on alert for landslides during the rainy season.

A person with a Bachelor Degree who majored in Business English and has received certificates from New York and California is on their page in a bikini?

A German TV show (We save your holiday) which travels the world to destinations where German tourists have become ill or found themselves in trouble and they look at the bacteria in the sea on Kata Beach - no other German problems?

I am looking forward to the next time they come back with different problems.