Aonamboor School Fair

After the Kathu Festival on Friday I had thought that my desire to visit another fair the next day would have waned - I was wrong.

Jemma quickly warmed up to the chaos of children running around and I quickly realised that there were not many 'farangs' at the local school fair (2 I think) - I guess I did stand out. The Thai people were so inviting I quickly stopped looking and simply enjoyed the foods and the dance shows that were initially put on by the local school children.

a budding George Lucas
I enjoyed the potatoes which were cut into a 'twirl' and deep fried, the coffee and the chicken satay - aroy.

Jemma wanted to dance on stage but her interest was quickly snatched by the children firing lit plastic 'helicopters' into the air which span in the air and came down slowly.

There was more dancing but we left as Jemma decided that she wanted to watch a film -  'It's a Bug's Life'.  A fun night out in the local village.