Thailand and corruption Part II

Following the previous blog regarding corruption. I read the letters page (23rd July) in the Bangkok Post regarding the statement that the Chamber of Commerce estimated that 30% of the cost of a project for the Government was ‘Tea Money’ – the letter was titled – “the man in the street is equally corrupt”.

On the same page there was a letter entitled – “corruption shows how bad Thai education is” – a survey indicated that “65% indicated that approved corruption in government".

Then I read that "Corruption does not pay".

Thailand is not the same as the West – our values are very different – is there any wonder why so many people escape the West to live in Thailand? 

In Thailand we then read that "Corruption is a way of life".

No wonder Thai peoples values are not our values – WHO are we to indicate that their values are wrong? – WHO are we to say it is a corrupt system of Government  – we have an opinion and it is only an opinion…


People like to complain that they have to pay more or pay monies to the right person and Thai people do not know how to drive… – if you want to live in Thailand then you MUST follow the rules, you are after all only a guest.  If they do not like Thailand then they can always return to the country that issued them their passport.

Would they?

I certainly would not.