Bullfighting and Phuket

Photo from KansasCity.com
I was perusing the paper over the weekend a section called 1000 words in the Sunday edition of the Bangkok Post.  It is between 10 and 15 photographs which very high quality and “A picture is worth a thousand words” is what I imagine the writers were aspiring to when they gave the section a title.

The photographs are always entertaining but what caught my eye was the photo above that shows people standing on the balcony whilst watching people run through the streets whilst being chased by the bulls - Festival of San Fermin.

This is exactly the same feeling I get when I sit in a coffee shop in Patong and watch the tourists.

The tourists try to cross the busy roads whilst;

2: accosted by a tailor putting on an accent which they think is you 
(much like telephone support in the UK), 
 3: running away from a beach vendor who wants more money
 4: ripped off by a jet ski operator
 5: trying to escape from a time share home seller 
who tells you that you have won the prize

Photo from KansasCity.com
I think that next year I am going to run with the bulls – at least I know which direction they are chasing me.  In Patong the side of the road that you drive on changes…